S porch, re-set voussoir 2 (hair-puller).

Image of the feature "Miscellaneous: Voussoir with hair-puller or exhibitionist" at Badingham.

by Ron Baxter.

Re-set in the E wall of the S porch is another clunch voussoir with a fat angle roll at the intrados and a raised fillet at the extrados, this one carved with a human figure that can be read either as a hair-puller or an exhibitionist. The head is square-jawed and simply carved with unarticulated hair parted centrally. The eyes are bulbous and almond-shaped, the nose broad and straight and the mouth small and downturned at the ends. The neck is indicated below the chin and from each side of it rise two arms to either side of the head, grasping the hair with fists of four straight fingers. The problems with this interpretation are first that the hands do not articulate well with the arms, and second that the shoulders do not articulate properly with the body. The alternative is that the body has been omitted almost entirely, the arms are in fact legs, parted to display the genitals, and the hands are gripping the legs to hold them apart and belong to arms that are not shown. If this is the correct interpretation, the figure is either female or mutilated. Neither interpretation is entirely satisfactory and the ambiguity might be intentional.


radial h. 0.22 m
w. at extrados 0.20 m
w. at intrados 0.175 m