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Kirkham Priory: Outer Parlour, Yorkshire, East Riding

(54°4′55″N, 0°52′35″W)
Kirkham Priory: Outer Parlour
SE 736 657
pre-1974 traditional (England and Wales) Yorkshire, East Riding
now North Yorkshire
medieval York
now York
  • Rita Wood
20 May 2016

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The site was laid out with the church NE-SW, but conventional E and W are used in the descriptions.

The outer parlour connects the cloister with the exterior open space adjacent to the W wall of the church. There are steps down from the cloister to its E bay, and there were steps down at the W end too. The S interior wall survives, still supporting vaulting at the E end; at ground level some bases survive but there are no shafts other than on the archway at the entrance from the cloister (S1; N1).

Above and to the S of the outer parlour but in the same block are the remains of a room which may have been a chapel (Harrison 2003, 11). On its N facing wall are two corbels for vaulting or perhaps for an E arch. Their bell is foliate, perhaps with crockets; above that the forms include one course of arch moulding and are keeled. The corbel on the E probably had a pendant, as seen at Cistercian sites.

For History, full Bibliography, etc., see report for 'Kirkham Priory: the church'.


Exterior Features


Interior Features

Vaulting/Roof Supports


Interior Decoration

String courses

This structure was added at a slightly later date than the W end of the church, as is seen by comparing the form of the various bases.

It is later than the axial tower at the W end of the nave, and of later date than the rest of the second church. It "had a vaulted passage on the ground floor and a room with arched recesses above. The vault was formed in two bays, of sexpartite plan, and is highly unusual." (Coppack et al. 1995, 69).

For possible existence of an inner parlour, see report for 'Kirkham Priory: undefined areas S of S transept'.


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