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Nunkeeling, Yorkshire, East Riding

(53°56′6″N, 0°15′21″W)
TA 146 502
pre-1974 traditional (England and Wales) Yorkshire, East Riding
now East Riding of Yorkshire
medieval York
now n/a
  • Rita Wood

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The parish church is now an unroofed ruin in the care of the parish council, see VCHER VII, pl. 13.The earliest work there is a ‘chancel screen’ formed from parts of the 13th-century N arcade (Pevsner and Neave, 1995, 639).

The VCHER account continues by saying that ‘the medieval church evidently had a Norman font…[which was] removed to a Hull church in 1939’. The church was St Martin’s, Anlaby Road, Hull and the font is called C13 by Pevsner & Neave 1995, 639; there is a CRSBI entry for this modern church which contains the font.

There are no remains of the priory. Morris 1919, 263, says ‘everything was ruthlessly swept away c.1810’. The site is described in Brown 1886, 209-10.

No Romanesque sculpture at either site in Nunkeeling.


The parish church was given to the Benedictine nunnery of Nunkeeling at its foundation in c.1150 (VCHER vii, 2002) or in 1152 (VCH iii, 1913). The medieval church as it was in 1784 is illustrated in VCHER VII, 328 (taken from Poulson 1840-1, I, 386).

The foundress of Nunkeeling priory was Agnes de Arches, otherwise Agnes de Catfoss, wife of Herbert St Quintin (VCH III, 119-20). VCHER VII, 328, says ‘unusually, but as at Swine, the parish church… stood east of, and adjoining, the priory church, which was removed after the Dissolution.’


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