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St Michael, Duntisbourne Rous, Gloucestershire

(51°45′9″N, 2°1′23″W)
Duntisbourne Rous
SO 985 060
pre-1974 traditional (England and Wales) Gloucestershire
now Gloucestershire
medieval Worcester
now Gloucester
  • John Wand
11 August 2016

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Duntisbourne Rous (also spelt Rouse) is a small parish about four miles NW of Cirencester. The church is built on land that falls sharply to the E. In addition to a W tower, S porch, nave and chancel, advantage was taken of the steep slope to build a small chapel underneath the chancel. The chapel was formerly connected to the nave by a flight of steps but can now only be entered by an external S doorway. The windows of the chancel and chapel are Romanesque, as is the chancel arch. The N and S doorways to the nave are Anglo-Saxon and are described by Taylor and Taylor (1965), 221. There is a measured plan of the church, including the chapel, in the Buckler manuscripts held by the British Library. Clark (1937) gives a plan of the chapel, described by him as a crypt.


The Domesday Survey records that 'Duntesborne' was held by Wulfard before 1066. In 1086 it was held by Ralf Bloiet, being Durand of Gloucester tenant-in-chief. The manor valued £2. The land later belonged to the le Rous family, who gave their name to the parish.


Exterior Features


Interior Features


Chancel arch/Apse arches

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